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Hey there!


Megan here, the brains behind this operation. Thank you for checking out my music and saying hey to ELLSWORTH. If you like live performances via the interwebs, Q+A sessions, songwriting circles, and goofy musical content then the ELLSWORTH Patreon community is the place for you! 


Being apart of the ELLSWORTH Patreon is like an inside look at my creative and business processes - think of it like a backstage pass to everything I make, a fan club, a subscription to my art! I will share videos and online concerts exclusive to you, my Patreon community, and I will engage with your feedback and input. Along with that you will get to see the growth of song babies, from their birth to recording and release, a songwriting prompt every week, and for the highest level patrons a monthly zoom hangout before our monthly zoom concert. This Patreon community is the place to connect with me and my music in a really sincere and intimate way, well, as much as that can happen via the internet, lol. Join me in this new world and let’s create together! 


Each person will have access to my exclusive/behind the scenes content, no matter what amount you choose to contribute. You can change your amount or cancel at any time, no judgment. I know these are uncertain times with circumstances shifting day by day. I hope you'll watch my welcome video to get an idea of how this all works, you can watch that here. I look forward to hearing from you and enjoying this new adventure together!


It is people like you that keep small artists like me afloat, so thank you for being here. Sign up for the amount that works for you and we will be off to the races! This is the gateway to a whole new world *cue the Aladdin song* I will see you on the other side.


All my love and gratitude, 

ELLSWORTH (aka Megan)


Join the Fam

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