Denver-based folk singer-songwriter, ELLSWORTH, has released her debut album, ELLSWORTH, available now on all streaming platforms. The folk singer-songwriter’s impressive album consists of dreamlike vocals, bright melodies and ruminative lyrics masterfully captured through skilled mixing and musical composition. ELLSWORTH has been compared to top tier artists such as Regina Spektor and Angus & Julia Stone with her melancholic flair on the folk genre. Her award winning song, "Close the Door" serves as an anthem for listeners who search for meaning in music. ELLSWORTH is a story of self-love and encapsulates what happens when true talent finds their voice (Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer).


ELLSWORTH’s deeply personal lyrics amplify the voices of her generation and offer comfort through the connection listeners make with her honest storytelling. Dubbed ‘the mental health generation’, the ‘social media generation’, ‘the lost generation’, and many more, these budding adults have endured mass public shootings, an increasingly unstable planet, and a seemingly never ending culture of xenophobia, racism, and hatred. Songs like “Growing Pains” and “Fight or Flight” feel like a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos, and release feelings of fear, pain, or unease that often accompany us through life’s unpredictable trek. 


ELLSWORTH provides solace while simultaneously challenging the human inclination to escape from negative emotions. Her music offers an alternative solution to our suffering through celebrating our imperfect humanity. ELLSWORTH believes that the experiences we have with darkness connect us and can lead us towards internal peace. 


“When we push away our feelings of sadness or anxiety, we are in fact pushing away a part of ourselves. We can choose to accept how we feel, which is who we are.” said ELLSWORTH, “We can choose to grow from our pain.”


ELLSWORTH was recorded by ELLSWORTH and Matt Hoffman at Hoffman Melody Shop in Denver, CO. Mixed and Mastered by Ben Pisano. All of the songs were written by ELLSWORTH and arranged by Matt Hoffman and ELLSWORTH. Press release written by Colin Sheehan.


Praise for ELLSWORTH


“With a stunningly pure voice, boundless enthusiasm and a way with words that hugs deep into our hearts, she is a singer-songwriter that is finding her feet and it feels like she will only get better and better through time. Having talent is one thing but being sincere, putting in the hard work and going for your dreams through undoubted trial and error, is how you become truly great at what you set your mind to.” - AnR Factory, London, UK


“Singer-songwriter Megan Rose Ellsworth has a remarkable way of finely crafting beautiful songs that somehow crack open your soul and find the hidden corners of your heart you've too long forgotten or didn't even know existed. With haunting melodies and intimate lyrics she exudes a rare and shining spirit wise beyond her years. Collaborating with the talented multi-instrumentalist Matt Hoffman, Ellsworth has truly found her voice in her self-titled debut and this troubled world will be all the better for it. Ellsworth is the musical medicine we all need right now.” - Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer of Sway Wild


“Ellsworth is the real deal, an inspired songwriter mining gems from her heart and soul with a determination to bring beauty into the world and give that gift to others” - Brent Alan, Brent Alan Studios - Sisters, OR


“ELLSWORTH explores an intimate emotional landscape on her debut full-length record.Her delivery is courageous, the harmonies lush and inviting, as if singing the songs directly to you and what is close to her heart. The production shows an adept writer and singer using complementary electronic and full band touches to support her songs but don't get in the way.   ELLSWORTH is discovering her artistic voice, while deftly playing and singing with conviction.”  - Brad Tisdel, Creative Director/ Sisters Folk Festival


“Ellsworth has a penchant for delivering solid melody and lyricism supported by compelling performances and arrangements. No matter where it fits in terms of genre, this is good music.” - Matt Hoffman, Strange Americans, New Mexican Denver, CO

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